Join us for Faith Community Calls for Care and Resilience during the COVID19 Crisis

Join us for Faith Community Calls for Care and Resilience during the COVID19 Crisis

Rev. Fletcher Harper

March 2020

It’s been a hard few weeks for everyone. It’s a frightening time and a global crisis of a scale that most of us have never experienced. It feels almost like a rehearsal for what we can expect more and more of in a world of accelerating climate crises.

The disruptions to all of our lives are profound. And they are especially catastrophic for those who are already on the frontlines, and most in danger. We are frightened, for our families, for ourselves, and for everyone in our human family who is vulnerable right now.

But we have our faiths and our spirit. They give us the courage to turn towards this crisis - in prayer and in action. We have done this before, as people of all faith. We can do it now.

And we are seeing the resilience of the human spirit all around us now.

It’s all of us coming together in ‘Communities of Care and Resilience,’ standing up for one another and getting in the right relationship with one another. And yes, singing from balconies to one another.

We at GreenFaith have practiced this every day this week in our Faith Community Calls for Care and Resilience.

We may be physically apart but are coming together for half an hour of spiritual respite and solace.

It’s been truly wonderful. For every call, we have a faith leader guide us for a few minutes, and then we share reflections, poetry, and hold our communities in our hearts.

We are coming together every day this week at 4 pm / 16:00 New York Time (You can find your local time here).

You can join us directly on via the link here.

As people of faith and spirit, we are coming together. Building a world rooted in love, justice and compassion for everyone in our human family. To find peace within, and connection with each other. To practice care and resilience in a time of crisis.

We hope to see you there.

P.S. We believe that the measurement of a healthy society is how we treat those who are the most vulnerable. Please join people of faith and spirit in signing and sharing this values statement, and committing to build that society together.

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