Climate Emergency Letter to the Editor

We are facing a Climate Emergency.

It’s time to call it like we see it.

More than 750 local governments in 16 countries have already declared a climate emergency and committed to actions that will help drive down greenhouse gas emissions at emergency speed. As people of faith, it is our moral obligation to speak truth to power and get the rest of the world on board … especially those who are causing the most damage to Earth.

Declaring a Climate Emergency would send a vital signal to lawmakers, businesspeople, and other decision makers to start urgently mobilizing resources at a tremendous scale.

In the United States, a National Climate Emergency Declaration congressional resolution has been introduced by Sen. Sanders, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, and Rep. Blumenauer. At the state and local levels, government leaders are taking similar steps to pass their own climate emergency declarations. Meanwhile, a wide range of religious and spiritual institutions, congregations, and community organizations are also working to issue their own official declarations.

No longer can we deny the fact that climate change is the greatest threat to every living being who shares our common home. No longer can we ignore the damages already being wrought upon Earth. No longer can we neglect how poor people and communities of color are being hit first and worst by the climate emergency. No longer. The time for action is now.

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