Campaigns and Mobilizations

GreenFaith organizes, coordinates, and empowers religious and spiritual communities to take part in vitally important environmental campaigns and mobilizations.


Sustainable Living

Sustainable lifestyles are a way for people of faith to embody our deepest values and practice what we preach. At scale, sustainable behavior change is also a vital part of the solution to the environmental and climate crises. Our globally-connected community exists at the heart of these two focus areas.

We are the organizing partner in Living the Change, an international multi-faith sustainable living initiative. Join religious and spiritual leaders from around the world and make a sustainable living commitment today.

Living The Change

Climate, Faith and Finance

Religious and spiritual institutions must align their investments with their moral values. We support fossil fuel divestment by religious institutions.

We are a co-founder of Shine, a global campaign dedicated to ensuring access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy by 2030 for the 1.1 billion people who lack modern forms of energy.

Shine Invest

Environment, Jobs and Justice

What’s good for the environment can and should create good jobs and a cleaner environment for everyone – particularly the most vulnerable among us.

We are a founding partner in Jersey Renews, a multi-stakeholder coalition working for strong climate policies in the State of New Jersey in the U.S. We are also a key faith partner in the neighboring New York Renews. Both campaigns bring faith and spiritual groups together with environmental, labor, community and social justice partners, working together for policies to create cleaner air and a bold response to climate change while generating family-sustaining jobs in the clean energy economy.

Jersey Renews

Mobilizing for Change

We are the lead faith partner in the Peoples Climate Movement – the coalition behind many of the biggest climate mobilizations in history.

Beginning in 2014 with the history-making Peoples Climate March in New York City, we have helped inspire, support, and coordinate thousands of people of diverse faiths to join us in "praying with our feet". Most recently, we supported religious and spiritual participation in more than 850 events in 95 countries as part of the globally-connected "Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice" on September 8, 2018.

Peoples Climate Movement